Why are Japanese always asking your blood type?


In my Sept. 20 column in The Japan Times, I fielded a good question: why the heck are Japanese always asking your blood type? For the full explanation, read the column but the short answer is they want to know more about you; many Japanese believe you can tell someone’s personality by their blood type.

To whit, this depiction of the personality types:


(translation,  from right to left; I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.)

Type A: What the f***? Don’t go putting lemon on everyone’s fried chicken!!

Type B: But it tastes better with lemon!

Type O: I’m fine either way.

Type B: Parsley is soooo delicious!

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2 Responses to Why are Japanese always asking your blood type?

  1. Robert Avery says:

    I live in Japan and have never been asked but the biggest question always asked is your age. How old are you. What difference does it make. If I am asked about a film I have just completed, the first question is, what is your age. My response is, what does that have to do with my film? they then ask again. Sometimes I tell them and most times I ignore the question and turn to walk away. Japanese are more obsessed with age than what motivated me to do this or that. I am AB+

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