New textbook in the works: “Working in Japan”


Here’s the front cover of the new English-learning textbook I’m working on, to be published by Cengage Learning Japan later this year. It features video interviews with 14 professionals who work in Japan, representing all sort of occupations and nationalities.

I’ll be speaking about the project — “Preparing Students for the Global Job Market with Work-focused English” — with co-author John Rucynski at the Japan Association of College English Teachers convention in Hiroshima on Aug. 29. We start at 9 am (!) in Room 434. I can’t promise donuts and coffee, but you can get a sample textbook and DVD. For details, check the JACET convention program.

I’ll post updates on the textbook as they’re ready. In the meantime, I’ll happily field inquiries from professors and instructors interested in using the textbook from next spring. This is my second textbook with John. We also did Surprising Japan for Shohakusha.

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