About me アリスについて

I am an American journalist who has lived and worked in Tokyo for more than 15 years. For most of that time I’ve been a regular columnist for The Japan Times, Japan’s oldest English-language daily. My first column reported on Japanese education while detailing my children’s six years in Japanese public school. In 2005, I launched a new column, now in its seventh year, in which I answers readers’ questions on Japan with meticulously researched yet decidedly off-beat reports on everything from traditional talismans to industrial safety. I also work at NHK, Japan’s national broadcaster, where I translate and write scripts for programs on language, culture and travel. In 2008, I wrote, directed and presented my own program on the Japanese art of aging gracefully. It was broadcast around the world as part of NHK’s international programming.

国際基督教大学、立教大学に計2年留学、プリンストン大学卒。2人の息子が通った都内の公立小学校のコラムをThe Japan Timesに連載、現在、同紙にて日本の古来から現代までのさまざまな文化に関する投稿に答える。NHK『英語でしゃべらナイト』翻訳、英語監修のほかに出演も。2009年NHKワールド『Aging Gracefully』で番組ディレクターとしてデビュー。