About me アリスについて



I am an American journalist and consultant who has lived and worked in Tokyo for more than 20 years. For most of that time I was a regular columnist for The Japan Times, Japan’s oldest English-language daily. My first column reported on Japanese education while detailing my children’s six years in Japanese public school. In 2005, I launched a new column, called “So, What the Heck is That?,” in which I answered readers’ questions on Japan with meticulously researched yet decidedly off-beat reports on everything from traditional talismans to industrial safety. I worked for many years at NHK, Japan’s national broadcaster, translating and writing scripts for programs on language, culture and travel. In 2008, I wrote, directed and presented my own program on the Japanese art of aging gracefully. It was broadcast around the world as part of NHK’s international programming. I have appeared as a reporter on NHK World programs including Tokyo Eye and Journeys in Japan.

Most of my work now is for the travel industry in Japan. I advise local governments on building programs for inbound tourism from Europe, North America and Australia/New Zealand. I also train Japanese interpreter/guides and hoteliers on how to better serve foreign visitors, and design tours specifically for inbound tourism. I am certified by the Japanese national government’s Japan Tourism Agency as an expert advisor and have served since 2016 as a special advisor to the San’in Tourism Agency, a DMO working to build foreign tourism to the San’in region (Tottori Prefecture, Shimane Prefecture and part of Yamaguchi Prefecture). I also do regular work for Kanagawa Prefecture and Japan’s Ministry of the Environment. I speak regularly, in Japanese or English, at industry events, educational seminars and universities. I contribute articles about travel, art and Japanese museums to The Japan Times, Artscape Japan, Metropolis Magazine, JapanVisitor and other publications.

In addition, I consult to museums about improving services to foreign visitors, and design events in English. I also do exhibition translation and provide press and public relation services to my museum clients. Current and past clients include the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, the Toguri Museum of Art (porcelain), the Tokyo Metropolitan Teian Art Museum, the Shoto Museum of Art and the Yamatane Museum of Art (Nihonga).

東京を拠点に活躍するジャーナリスト、ライター, インボウンドマーケティングコンサルタント。活字、映像メディアを通じ、日本の情報を海外に向けて熱心に発信し続けている。彼女の執筆するジャパンタイムズの長期連載コラムは人気記事のひとつで、ブログ、フェイスブック、ツイッターといったインターネット、ソーシャルメディアを積極的に活用し、様々な人々にはたらきかけている。英字新聞「The Japan Times」にて日本の不思議についてのコラムを執筆。11年に渡る人気のコーナーとして好評を得る。現在も同紙にて古来から現代まで、外国人が持つ日本の文化に関する疑問点に答えている。その他に美術館・アート情報を発信する「artscape」英語版に執筆。美術館の外国人来館者向けに翻訳や英語でのフローレクチャーを実施(東京都写真美術館・東京都庭園美術館・戸栗美術館・松濤美術館など)。
英字新聞「The Japan Times」、日本の教育、日本の不思議についてのコラムを執筆。
NHKワールド英語番組「Tokyo Eye」、「Journeys in Japan」、「ASIAN VOICES」などの制作、英語監修、出演。他にもNHKの番組ナレーション、英語字幕を手掛ける。
神奈川県と組んで「Discover Another Kanagawa」外国人向けのツアー5本企画・運営。