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Is the banner better? You vote!

Those of you with eagle eyes may have already noticed I’ve got a new photo at the top of my blog. (If you hadn’t before, you have now.) Let’s call this #1. To refresh your memory, this is the original … Continue reading

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Why DO Japanese love cherry blossoms so much?

The cherry blossom season is winding down here in Tokyo. Despite the generally cold and cloudy weather, there were plenty of people out enjoying picnics under the flowers in various states of drunkenness. And the usual frenzy of cherry-themed everything, … Continue reading

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The making of a Japanese candle 和蝋燭

(Updated Aug. 2022.) Many years ago, writing for the The Japan Times, I wrote a column about the differences between Japanese and Western candles. As I explained in that article, which is now behind a paywall (but accessible if you … Continue reading

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