Please help me tell this story: tattoo pilgrimage

Those of you who read my articles or follow my tours know I know how to tell a story about Japan. Now I need YOUR help to tell this story, about a tattooed group who have been making a pilgrimage to a holy mountain every year for well over a hundred years. Together, we can challenge stereotypes and tell an untold story about tattoos and pilgrimage in Japanese culture. I’ve been bringing small groups of foreign visitors to the mountain since 2015. You may have joined me to see Noh performed there by firelight.  If so, you know what a special place Oyama is.

This summer, my crew and I plan to follow a very special group of individuals as they carry on the long tradition of the Oyama pilgrimage. We have full local support and have gained unprecedented access to film inside the ancient Shinto shrine there. The only thing we still need is funds for production. Please take a look at our Kickstarter crowdfunding page — the photos alone are worth the click, believe me! Watch the trailer we’ve prepared.  And if you can, please make a pledge and support us on our journey.

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