Ticket Giveaway: Flower exhibition at the Yamatane Museum

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Kobayashi Kokei, Bird and Everygreen Magnolia (1935), color on silk, Yamatane Museum of Art

By special arrangement with the Yamatane Museum of Art, one of my favorite museums, I have 5 pairs of tickets to give away. The tickets are for their current A World of Flowers – from the Rinpa School to Contemporary Art.


A view of the main gallery. There are approximately 60 wonderful flower paintings on exhibit.

Please enter by sending me your name, email address and mailing address via the contact form on this blog.  If I get more than five applicants, I’ll have my computer do a random drawing.  Your information won’t be used for any other purpose.

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One of the most beloved paintings in the museum’s collection: Cherry Blossoms at Daigo-ji Temple (1972) by Okamura Togyu. Color on paper. Image courtesy of Yamatane Museum of Art. It’s something else to see in person, trust me.

Let’s limit to this to residents of Japan or people with an address in Japan, and to be fair to others, please enter only if you’ve got a reasonable chance of using the tickets. The exhibition runs through June 18. I’ll accept entries through May 6, and the museum will mail out tickets early in the week of May 8.


For every exhibition, the museum commissions five special wagashi sweets, each inspired by one of the works on display. Enjoy them in the cafe with tea, or take them home.


The museum shop is a good source for gifts that are very Japanese. You don’t have to pay admission to visit the shop, which is downstairs next to the main gallery; just tell the staff that you want to take a look at the shop.

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2 Responses to Ticket Giveaway: Flower exhibition at the Yamatane Museum

  1. joanintokyo says:

    Alice, The CWAJ is doing a ‘culture’ outing to the Yamatane on June 3 with short presentation by Ms Takahashi, chief curator. I believe that we’ll get the group discount. You are connected here as well I see . . . Joan


  2. Michelle Z says:

    Like the redesign and new header for your blog. Looks great

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