Feb. 8 Event in Tokyo, in English: “Amputee Venus”

English_cover (temporary)

Translating this book was one of the projects that kept me way too busy last year. Now, please join me on Sunday Feb. 8 in Tokyo for a special “talk” event about it: “Amputee Venus,” the English version of a fascinating and moving collection of photographs of 11 Japanese women who have lost a leg and are moving forward positively.


We will meet one of the women featured in the book, and hear from Fumio Usui, who made all the legs the women use, about how high-function prosthetic legs can and do empower amputees to go out and pursue their dreams, whatever they may be — sports, leisure, art, community and so much more.


Photographer Takao Ochi will share insightful stories from the shoots and explain why he wants people all over the world to see this positive message from Japan about people with disabilities. I’m providing interpretation into English, so it’s a great opportunity for foreign residents of Japan.

Date and time: Sunday Feb. 8, 2015 from 3 pm
Place: Al’s Cafe, 3-13-1 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
(6-minutes walk from the Waseda Exit of JR Takadanobaba Station)
Tel: 03-5937-1905 www.als-cafe.com
1,000 yen including one free drink (beer, wine, tea or soft drink):
Space is limited. Reserve a seat by email to tokumiya@jungetsusha.com 

“Amputee Venus” will be available for purchase at the event, and can be ordered anytime online through the publisher’s website.

各紙メディアで好評、義足女性たちの写真集『切断ヴィーナス』に、英語ジャケット版ができました。義肢装具士臼井氏、写真家越智氏、11人のモデルたち、それぞれの興味深いエピソードやプロフィールが英訳されいます。刊行を記念して、来る2月8日、高田馬場にあるハンドメイドのチューダースタイル の素敵なカフェにてトークイベントを開催します。

日時:2015年2月8日(日) 15:00
場所 :アルズカフェ(AL’S CAFÉ)
   東京都新宿区高田馬場3-13-1 ノークビル1F
   Tel: 03-5937-1905  www.als-cafe.com
参加費 :1,000円 おつまみ・1ドリンク付

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2 Responses to Feb. 8 Event in Tokyo, in English: “Amputee Venus”

  1. Thomas Gittel says:

    I’m looking very much forward to joining you on February 8th!

  2. Liz Fuse says:

    Dear Alice, I would love to have attended on 8 th Feb, but instead of being abroad as hoped, am incarcerated ( medically, not criminally!)  I hope it is well attended and look forward to a blog report! Best wishes, Liz Fuse

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

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