Talk Tanuki to Me: CWAJ Luncheon Sept. 10


If you’re in Tokyo on Wednesday Sept. 10, why not pop by the Tokyo American Club for my talk to the College Women’s Association of Japan? I’ll be talking about my “So, What the Heck is That?” column in The Japan Times, and more than a decade of trying to unravel the little mysteries of life in Japan.

I was planning to stick to lady-like topics — this is a ladies’ luncheon, after all. But the organizers explicitly asked me to touch on those tanuki statues you see outside traditional restaurants and shops, the ones with a certain over-sized body part! These statues were the topic of one of my columns way back in 2008.

A good time will be had by all. For details and reservations, hit this page on the CWAJ website. Everyone is welcome, including men and non-members! Reserve by Sept. 2.

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