Lack of counter space — solved!

So I’ve been working my way through Naomi Pollock‘s new book on Japanese product design, which I wrote about in an earlier post and in an article in The Japan Times, cherry-picking from the well-designed Japanese products she introduces. I’ve just bought this amazing over-the-sink rollable dish drainer and couldn’t be more excited!

Designed in-house by kitchen-goods manufacturer Arnest, it’s a flat, slatted mat that sits right over the sink so dishes can drain but rolls up out of the way when not in use. It’s strong enough to hold a heavy pot — up to 10 kg (22 lbs) — so it also turns the sink-space into work space when you’re cooking.

Japanese kitchens are notoriously tight on space, but look how nicely this fits!

And then gets the heck out of the way:

It comes in orange and green and three sizes. I bought the medium (52×35 cm) to send to my mother in the U.S., who has a serious shortage of counter space in her tiny kitchenette in an assisted-living facility. But it also comes in small (42×35 cm) and large (58×35 cm) . (If you follow these links to buy on Amazon Japan, there’s a pull down menu so you can select the other color.)

As far as I know, it’s only available in Japan, so please don’t ask me where you can find it in other countries. Maybe your kitchen-goods purveyor will contact the manufacturer and import it. I certainly know people all over the world could use this. Another great Made-in-Japan product. Thanks, Naomi!

Her book, “Made in Japan: 100 New Products” is available from Amazon US and Amazon Japan.

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4 Responses to Lack of counter space — solved!

  1. naomipollock says:

    Thank you, Alice! I am so glad that Kuru Kuru is a hit!

  2. Parry says:

    Alice: That’s a great design. Since you mention that it holds up to 10 kg, may I ask if the slats contain any material inside, such as stiff plastic or aluminium rods ? Cheers from Singapore.

  3. Alice says:

    There are steel bars inside. The outside is silicon.

  4. Melissa from Australia says:

    You talked me into it! I just ordered the book on line. I marvel at Japanese ingenuity (and also that so many people are prepared to ‘give it a go’) so I am really looking forward to receiving the book. I hope you negotiated a commission! 😄

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