Randoseru Giveaway! Get a genuine Japanese backpack

NOTICE: FEB 27, 2015: I will have a few used randoseru available in March for anyone willing to pay the postage from Japan (maybe $30-$40 US depending on your location). Use the contact form on this blog to contact me if you’re interested.

When I wrote a while back about randoseru recycling, I got a ton of emails from readers asking where they could get a used Japanese school backpack. So many that I hunted one down to give away. This is a genuine Japanese randoseru. It’s got some scuffs and scratches, but is otherwise in good condition with all parts in working order.

If you’re willing to pay for shipping from Tokyo to wherever you are, enter by using the contact form on this blog to send me your name and email address. I won’t use your personal information for any reason. I won’t even keep it. I’ll use a computer to randomly select a winner on May 31.

If you don’t want to miss future givewaways, sign up to receive an email every time I update this blog. That’s only a few times a month, so you won’t get a ton of email.

Update June 4: This giveaway is now closed, and the randoseru is on its way to Nelly M in Mexico!

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6 Responses to Randoseru Giveaway! Get a genuine Japanese backpack

  1. Roanne says:

    where is the contact form? :)

  2. Any idea what the approximate shipping costs to the US would be?

  3. I haven’t packaged it in a box but the randoseru itself weights just under 1 kg, so with the box I think the 1.2 or 1.5 kilo rates would apply.
    To the US, it could go EMS (fast, insured) for 2,800 yen (1.2 kg) or 3,200 yen (1.5 g). That’s probably cheaper than airmail (sometimes that happens).
    http://www.post.japanpost.jp/english/fee/intel/ems.html. Since I haven’t calculated shipping costs (because I don’t know where people are entering from) I’m planning to draw at least three people in the lottery. First, second and third. I’d say go ahead and enter and if you win, and the postage fee turns out to be too high for you, or you can’t figure out how to pay me for postage, it’s fine to back out. I’ll pass it on to the next person in the lottery.

  4. I’ve had so many people apply for the randoseru that I’m trying to find some more used ones to offer under the same conditions.

  5. tamar shalem says:

    Do you have any idea how I can purchase just the lower buckle of the bag? or any specific part for that matter?

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