One bean, one museum

If you’re going to Himeji in Hyogo Prefecture to see the famous castle, why not add a stop at the world’s only museum devoted entirely to the mini but mighty red adzuki bean. The Adzuki Museum opened in 2009 and was created by a dream team of 14 experts who spent 3 years figuring out everything that’s interesting about the adzuki bean and how to show it. It’s operated by Gozasoro, a manufacturer of traditional adzuki confections, who reportedly spent 1.2 billion yen building it. That may explain the relatively pricey admission of 1200 yen for high-school students and adults; 600 yen for elementary and middle-school students. Open daily 10 am to 5 pm daily (last admission 4 pm), except Tuesdays. Tel 079-282-2380.

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