Ramen – where do those 500 calories come from?

I had a great response to my post about the calorie content of Japanese foods, so here’s a look at my favorite cheap eat — ramen noodles. The photo above and the calorie content below are from a website called Eiyoukeisan. The photo on the left shows the ingredients used; the photo on the right is the dish as served. I translated the breakdown by food:

Boiled ramen noodles 230g 343 cal
Lard (in the soup) 5g 47 cal
Half a boiled egg 25g 38 cal
Chashu pork 20g 34 cal
Soy sauce 18g 13 cal
Chinese broth 300g 9 cal
Boiled bean sprouts 50g 6 cal
Green onions 10g3 cal
Menma (bamboo shoot) 10g 6 cal
Nori seaweed 0.75g 1 cal
Salt 2.5g 0 cal
Total 500 calories

Eiyoukeisan is a great reference tool if you read Japanese. If you can’t, check back here: I’ll run more posts like this.

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